8/22/1876: Flashback to the Centennial Expo, Mechanomantic Switch Inve(n/s)ting, and the Ghosts of John Bull.

12/6/1876: Flashback! Awaiting the Debut of DAS RHEINGOLD, An Angry Dwarf, Count Rumford’s Ring Approaches.

12/14/1876: Mr. Gould Undone By Love, Mrs. Dawn Undone By Life, A Dwarf’s Automaton Undone By Gunfire & Gravity.

3/21/1877: Mr Sands of the Pinkertons, Mr Potter’s Carnival, and Hell Tickets to Atlanta (with a transfer)

3/23/1877: A Ticket to the Invisible Tent, The Anarchitects’ Monkey Shoot, and The Fiery Eye of Augustus Sands.

7/20/1877: The Great Rail Strike Begins, Playing the Orcus Card, Twinning Texas Anarchist Adolf Dous.

7/25/1877: Bargaining with Oneself, Into The St. Louis Commune, The Grand Vévér of Red Orc.

7/26/1877: Charlie Storms I Presume, The Ascension of the Rebel, The Breaking of the Ward Around Red Orc.

3/22/1878: The Mask of the Demagogue, An Executioner’s Dream, and Doc Holliday Invites You To Fish or Cut Bait.

3/29/1878: Welcome to Lincoln County, Dealing Into the Pharaoh Game, Castling the Knights.

4/1/1878: Calling Up Furies, The Ambush-Killing of Sheriff Brady, William Bonney His Face Blazing As The Sun.

4/4/1878: A Visitation From Lady Marionette, Gunfight at Blazer’s Mill, “Buckshot” Roberts Sells His Skill.

4/6/1878: Meeting John Chisum, A Summoning at Roswell, An Invitation to Odin, The First of the Four Horsemen.

4/29/1878: A Sword From a Coyote, A Black Rider From President Hayes, A Drink With Billy the Kid.

4/30/1878: Apocalypse in Lincoln County, Backshooting Billy the Kid, Kitty Leroy Rides A Pale Horse.

10/15/1879: The Potential of California, The Return of Dr. Sinamore, The Anger of the Associates.

10/20/1879: A Cordial Meeting with Collis Huntington, A Brazen Baby’s-Head Spy, The 11-Pointed LaBrea Pentacle.

10/28/1879: Red Flag in the Bear Flag, Casino Mundi, Palazzo Stanford.

10/30/1879: Leland Stanford says OK, Eadweard Muybridge says the image is real, Tom Sawyer says get out of town.

10/31/1879: Mrs Pleasant reads the cards, Gov Stanford opens the shutters to heaven, Dr Sinamor explodes.

5/1/1880: Rumsford’s man investigates, Marsh’s men offer a challenge, The Bone Wars begin.

5/8/1880: Recruiting Edward Drinker Cope’s men, rejecting A.E. Agassiz, revealing Mandospondylus.

5/13/1880: A sickle-claw discovered, a mechanical groundhog covered, an inside job at the dig uncovered.

5/16/1880: A Horse Named Franklin vs. the Thunderbird, Tavibo’s tornado, Red Cloud wants your dinosaur bones.

1/31/1881: Gambling with Eldorado stock, looting the Book of True Pow-Wows, negotiating with the Chamberlain.

3/23/1881: Moral shock in the garden of death, blood on the table of heaven, funeral pyre of CSA Hell Money.

4/15/1881: Invitation to the Informationale, cards on the table of heaven, and rejection by William Hathorne.

9/13/1881: The Trismos exalts America, the Unknown Smith builds the Tin Man, and the PCs kill James Garfield.

10/22/1881:The Dark Tower of Yin, balking the AT&SF RR, and intimidating Frank + Tom McLaury. For now.

10/23/1881: Standoff at the Alhambra, winning money off the Gambler, and Bat Masterson on the trail.

10/26/1881:A deloading bot, Billy Claiborne shoots a Mannequin & a Mask, Pony Diehl buys Conquest & rides on.

10/27/1881: Coroner’s inquest, Texas Jack Vermillion’s cave, Ritter & Ream’s easily looted funeral home.

10/28/1881: Lawyering up the Garden of Death, meeting the Earps at Fry’s, sending Thunderbird to find Geronimo.

10/26/1881: Planting the Bloody Shirt of the Rebel, all-night poker in Tombstone, & the Gunfight Outside Town.

10/29/1881: Not indicted for murder, not killed by Geronimo, not bushwhacked by Curly Bill Brocius.

10/30/1881: not yet resurrecting Emperor Norton, proxying Billy Claiborne, trading stories with Bat Masterson.

10/31/1881: Doppelganger meets taser, Merchant meets (and buys more) death, Billy Claiborne meets himself.

10/31/1881: The Ambassador to the Underworld, Law Library Prison, and the Leaden Ascension of the Executioner.

10/31/1881: The Last Ride of Curly Bill Brocius, the Ascension of Doc Holliday, & the Deal with Johnny Ringo.

10/31/1881: Cutting the Golden Bough, Swallowing the Emperor, Drinking Death’s Bourbon.

11/1881-09/1882: Becoming treasurer of hell, throwing back Wild Bill’s gun, building a mannequin for sanity.

11/11/1882: Mystery in Northfield MN, The Old Observatory Engine, and The Great Comet of 1882

11/11/1882: Senator Donnelly speechifies on the Comet, wormwood on the grocery list, and stepping to St Germain.

11/12/1882: Remembering the Northfield Raid, punch with Ignatius Donnelly, fleeing copper wire of generous evil.

11/16/1882: Cole Younger drives too hard a bargain, Adalbert Ames’ box melts the Spider, and a Torus of Thorns.

11/18/1882: Acacia boxcar, the tip of the Spear (of Destiny), and a plan to magnetically erase the Confederacy

11/21/1882: The first proposition to Pat Garrett, the aces assemble, and Edgar Allan Poe on the staircase.

11/23/82: At the Court of Judge Roy Bean, the second offer to Pat Garrett, a magic coat and bear mask

11/25/82: Meeting the Messenger, dodging the albatross, hearing the blind guitar player sing St-Germain blues.

1/26/1882: Hiding out from the Klan with Uncle Abraham, shell-gaming St-Germain, Poe with two bullets.

11/28/1882: Locking eyes with the Lamia, a loving cup with Erzulie, renouncing the House of Renunciation.

11/29/1882, am: Cannibal corpse, cavalier on the cypress bridge, and dosing Cerberus with the poppies of Lethe.

11/29/1882, pm: The three weaponized Billy Goats Gruff, invoking Vulcan-of-Birmingham, and killing Wade Hampton.

8/1/1883B: The Seward Compromise, Muybridge’s Disciple, French soldiers, Charlie Storms, and a renewed offer.

8/8/1883B: Tripping on peyote and the Crown of Thorns, the Black and White Rim, sacrifice at the Well of Mimir

3/7/1884: The drinking horn of Leif Ericsson, an avid angel statue, and the World’s Largest Locomotive.


All Headlines by Ken Hite, with the exception of 5/1/1880


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