Alexander Sovereign

Bodyguard of Jeremiah Quinn. A Shootist steeped in Eliptoniny


Rage Stimulus: Disrespecting Me or Mine
Fear Stimulus: (Self) Worries that at his core, he is a monster.
Noble: The triumph of Civilization vs. Barbarism

Body: 45 (Wiry)
General Athletics: 45
Put A Hurtin’ 33

Speed: 85 (Rattlesnake Quick)
Dodge: 0
Riding: 33
Gunslinger: 81
Initiative: 43

Mind: 75 (Watchful I)
Conceal: 15
Country Education: 23
Notice: 57
The True And Secret Lore At Amercia’s Heart: 75

Soul: 70 (Depths in his Shadows)
A Terror In The Flesh: 44
Attempt To Lie: 15
Avatar: The Marshal: 60
The Sight: 65

Health: 45
Madness Meters: Violence 3H/0F, Unnatural 8H/1F, Helplessness 3H/0F, Isolation 0H/0F, Self 2H/1F

Special Notes
-House rules allow his Gunslinger skill to double as Initiative, as long as it remains his obsession.
-Stole enough power during the events of the first showing of Horse In Motion to cobble together an Avatar: The Marshal skill, at the cost of his Dodge.


A metric time pocketwatch from the French Revolution, taken from a dead Anarchatect. It either was cunningly designed to look like it had been broken, or was smashed during its owners murder. Either way, it still keeps perfect time.

“Murum Aries Aggit,” A blackened and unweildly-seeming Colt Army .44, with the aforementioned Latin phrase scratched onto the barrel. (Max damage: 70, 6 shots)

“Mordecai’s Special,” A revolver made by Mordecai Smith, with special adjustments. (Max Damage: 120. “Range Of A Rifle: 50%,” 6 shots.)

“Snake In The Grass,” a derringer pistol made by Mordecai Smith for concealment, and showing up in a hand instantly. (Max Damage: 55, Speed 100, 2 shots.)

Brands upon the brain:

- A hatred of Northern Moneylenders. (Left by seeing the Ascension of Yancey Butler.)

- An ambivalent feeling towards the Confederacy. (Left by Gaspard Peychaud, trying to counteract the effects of Yancey Butler.)

- Sometimes sees the present/remembers the future, as filtered through The Ring Cycle. (Left by opening himself up to Das Reingold.)

- Sometimes sees the present/remembers the future, as filtered through the Opening Of The Silver Door. (Left by being present at the gala of Professor Muybridge’s first showing of Horse In Motion.)

-Knows the runes that are carved upon Odin’s Spear. (Left by having his mind occupied by Odin.)


Alexander Sovereign

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