Allen, Henry. Demagogue avatar (4th channel), part of the 1877 Working in St. Louis, presumed “Orca” member.

Ammon, Robert. Historical labor leader, prominent in Pittsburgh during the 1877 strike. Between the known “Orca” Working in 1877 and sharing his last name with an Egyptian god, the odds of some occult significance seem pretty high. Odds are, he also was working for Jay Gould.

Bonney, William a/k/a “Billy the Kid.” Historical gunfighter. Potent avatar of the Masterless Man whose breakout moment was in the Lincoln County War.

Brocious, “Curly Bill.” Historical gunfighter and participant in Lincoln County War.

Butler, Yancey. Rebel avatar, ascended at St. Louis, 1877. Former “Orca” recruiter.

Cairns, Hercules. Black labor leader in 1877 St. Louis, possessed by “Mr. Trafficant,” a demon sent by Jeremiah Quinn.

Chisholm, John – Lincoln County landowner quietly backing the Regulators in the Lincoln County War.

Coe, Frank. Historical Regulator. Cousin to George Coe.

Coe, George: Historical Regulator. Cousin to Frank Coe.

Courtright, “Longhair” Jim. Historical Sheriff of Fort Worth since 1876. Happy to offer protection and justice for those who can afford it.

“Darwin, Charles,” and “Wallace, Alfred.” Anarchitects, Real names unknown. Assumed these names as part of a Kingkiller ritual in Dallas, Texas in 1877. One of them was shot in the arm, and his face was exposed by the Pinkertons before escaping. The other used a no-see-um charm to escape unscathed and unidentified.

Dawn, Wallace: Indigo dye magnate, Knight of the Golden Circle, and former Mystic Hermaphrodite. Now possesses the mythical power of the dwarf Alberich. Possibly the heir of Chevalier d’Eon.

Dawn, Wallis: The female half of Wallace Dawn, given independent life during the first production of Das Rheingold in America. Has interests in several copper mines, many in Georgia.

Deal, Penny. Historical gunfighter and participant in Lincoln County War.

Dodge, Grenville. Historical Union general. Chief Engineer of the Texas and Pacific (cf Tom Scott), former Chief Engineer, Union Pacific.

Dues, Adolf/Adoph. “Orca” activist, possible Demagogue avatar, definite magickal powers built around duality. Also, proxied by Gaspar Peychaud.

Dublin, “Doctor.” A snake-oil salesman working for Mister Potter’s Circus.

Fitzgerald, Columbus. Historical deputy sheriff of Fort Worth.

Grin, Johan. A Swan Knight, tasked with protecting King Ludwig II’s interests.

Gould, Jay. Historical robber baron. Former Merchant avatar who traded his connection to the archetype for a better deal, probably to the Great Gold Lords. Silent partner in Eldorado Telegraph, unknown to Tom Scott.

Hagen, John. Representative of Jay Gould, who is owned body and soul. Madly in love with Lilly Lieman.

Hearst, George. Historical mining magnate and owner of San Francisco Examiner (father of William Randolph Hearst). Leading figure in the Silver Men.

Holliday, John “Doc.” Historical gambler, gunfighter, and dentist. Despite his tuberculosis, is dangerous even without his mystical channels. Knows many of the great powers, but answers to none.

Huntington, Collis. Historical rail baron, one of the four Associates behind the Central Pacific and the guiding force behind the Southern Pacific. Avatar of some sort, probably a Merchant.

Lawrence, Annabelle. Daughter of Alexander Sovereign. Schoolmarm and Flag Baby.

Lammert, Minna. Played a Rhinemaiden in the first American performance of Das Rheingold. When combined with the Lehmann sisters, channels the power of an oracle.

Lawrence, Jane. Wife of Alexander Sovereign, now deceased.

Lehmann, Lilli. Oracle, and played a Rhinemaiden in Das Rheingold. Deeply in love with John Hagen.

Lehmann, Marie. Oracle, and played a Rhinemaiden in Das Rheingold. Fancies John Hagen.

Loeb, Mickiel: Along with Johan Grin, One of two Swan Knights tasked to defend the Ring Of Count Rumford during the American production of Das Rheingold.

Lofgreen, Peter. Leading figure in the 1877 “Orca” Working in St. Louis.

MacSween, Alexander. Historical local businessman in Lincoln County: Canadian, preacher, attorney, de facto head of Regulators.

Murdoch, Michael. A Prideful Mechanomancer and dwarf, who tried to steal the power of Count Rumford’s ring in 1876. Escaped to Mexico with his Mechanical manservant.

“Pappy.” Father to Alexander and David Sovereign. A powerful magus who supposedly trapped his own true name. Vanished when the Last Spike released a flood of magick into America.

Plainview, Ezekial. A Cartomancer who was trying to meet with Jeremiah Quinn aboard the Transcontinental Express. Before that could happen, Gaspar Peychaud murdered the man and stole his identity… and possibly his fate.

Potter, _________. Runs “Mister Potter’s Circus,” a ramshackle circus that either shelters or fosters some amount of mystical energy amongst its workers.

Roberts, Andrew “Buckshot.” Historical cowboy. After being healed from his mortal wounds at the hands of William Bonney, decided to sell his skill at gunplay to Jerimiah Quinn in return for a quiet homestead.

Sands, Augustus. Special agent of the Pinkertons.

Scott, Tom. Historical rail baron, guiding force behind the Texas and Pacific. Partner in Eldorado Telegraph. Laid low by a stroke in 1878.

Schurz, Carl: A historical German-American with a love of both invention and the West.

Scurlock, Josiah “Doc.” Historical cowboy, with a gift for survival. His friends never seem to live very long, however. Spirits have ordered Gaspar Peychaud to kill him.

Sovereign, David. Older brother and three-time victim of Alexander; shooting him doesn’t seem to last.

Stanford, Leland. Historical rail baron, President of the Central Pacific (one of the four “Associates”), governor of California 1861-63. Historically, Senator from California, 1885-93, and founder of Stanford University. Gold Lord.

“Spencer, Herbert.” Anarchitect, real name unknown. Was killed in mid-ritual on May 22, 1877, by Alexander Sovereign.

Storms, Charles. Occult gunfighter, Confederate veteran, Great Gray Gun (“J.H.”; says it was Hickock’s). Occult reputation as unable to die, which was tested at the mill fire in 1877 St. Louis. Dealt a mortal gut-shot to David Sovereign during the Civil War.

“Mister Trafficant.” A demon first summoned by Jeremiah Quinn in 1877 to possess Hercules Cairns. Sees ambition as one of the finest of virtues.

Vaca, Saturnino. Historical Lincoln County leading citizen, owns Torreion (potential True King?). Allied with PCs. Mexican, served in Kit Carson’s regiment.

Ward, Frederick. Eldorado worker who participated (ignorant, as far as we know) in the Dues proxy ritual.


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