Cabal Resources

Mechanomantic devices

  • Railway switch that can teleport a train from one crossroads to any other crossroads.
  • Divinatory cabinet/table, keyed in to a telegraph component so that it uses the telegraph network as an antenna for magical disturbances.
  • Mechanical birds that can serve as listening devices, as well as pass long messages.
  • Four Mechanical Horses.
  • Spirit Extractor.

Personamantic avatar masks

  • Mask of the Demagogue.
  • Mask of the Executioner. (only fit for use against agents of the Grey Clergy.)
  • Mask of the Healer.
  • Mask of the Snake. (Must be re-created yearly.)
  • Mask of the Witch.


  • A Seat At The Table: A Proxy ritual that uses six minor charges, and also has a limited intelligence-gathering effect.
    (should be two more rituals)
  • Favor owed by the Pinkertons


  • The bloody and torn shirt that Yancey Butler was wearing when he ascended.

Unusual Materials

  • The hat of “Charles Darwin,” filled with a number of good-luck charms that are now tainted by the worst kind of luck.
  • Preserved boughs of Holly and Mistletoe that were grown as part of a KingKiller ritual.
  • A shirt stained with William Bonny’s bloody handprint.
  • A gun that was shot out of William Bonny’s hand by “Buckshot” Roberts. It is stained with Bonnie’s blood, and the cylinder was grazed, making it more likely to stick.

Cabal Resources

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