Burned Bridges


1- Boston, Massachusetts: After murdering an Anarchatect at the behest of a supposed Boston Brahmin, Alexander Sovereign discovered a number of unhealthy things about his supposed employer. He immediately left town, ignoring the payment that is still being held in a safe deposit box at the Boston Bank.

2- Chicago, Illinois: Sovereign once beheld Chicago in the distance with The Sight. He turned his horse around, and has never found any reason compelling enough to face what was revealed to him.

3- El Paso, Nevada: Despite Sovereign seeming to burn a man alive in the middle of the day, the only evidence the El Paso deputies found was a charred wooden figure dressed in rags. The deputies decided that Mr. Sovereign was only guilty of Disturbing The Peace… provided that he leave town before sundown.

4- Eldorado, Nevada: The real Ezekial Plainview’s initial reading of the cards led him to believe that his future would be found in the town of Eldorado, which was built around the bimetallic Techatticup Mine. Instead, he angered a number of agents employed by George Hearst, barely escaping with his life.

5- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Sovereign maintains that the lurching thing released during the John Bull fiasco is still waiting in the City of Brotherly Love, and has strongly recommended that nobody from the El Dorado Railroad should tarry there.

6- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Mordechai Smith’s efficient use of human labor led to him being run out of the town on a rail.

7- The Smoky Mountains, West Virginia: Sovereign has not been back to his father’s house since the wards around it began to swell and twist with the power unleashed by the Last Spike.

8- San Francisco, California: Jeremiah Quinn has not returned to the town that made his fortune since being murdered there.

Burned Bridges

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