Jeremiah Quinn

Railroad baron and avatar of the Merchant


Obsession: positive-sum exchange
Rage: Fanaticism. He really hates those who are too close-minded to make a deal.
Fear: (Violence) Being shot.
Noble: The American Dream (one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all)

BODY 55 (health of a younger man)
General athletics 20%, Endure Hardship 20%, Exotic Wu Shu Combat Techniques 45%
SPEED 50 (smooth)
Dodge 30%, Initiative 25%, Riding 25%, Shooting 25%
MIND 75 (brilliant)
Captain of Industry 71%, Conceal 15%, Feng Shui 40%, Autodidact 30%, Notice 25%, Occult Underground Knowledge 10%
SOUL 80 (compelling)
Avatar: The Merchant 78%, Charm 40%, Lying 61%

Health points 55
Madness Meters: Violence 1H/0F, Unnatural 2H/2F, Helplessness 1H/0F, Isolation 0H/0F, Self 1H/0F


Born 3.21.1817, Philadelphia.

Made his first fortune selling to miners during the 1849 Gold Rush. Also, became a conscious avatar of the Merchant and a significant figure in the occult underground at this time.

Selling the first dollar minted of California gold was his occult breakthrough. Quinn firmly believes that you had to do something mystically important to become a significant avatar in those days, before the War and the Golden Spike. It might even be true.

His California cabal included Jonathan Palmer, a powerful avatar of the Necessary Servant, a dipsomancer named Robert Creighton and the Chinese alchemist Quan Lo, as well as two mundane accomplices William Perkett (Jeremiah’s bodyguard) and Margaret Colton. The cabal perished in 1870, attacked by post-1867 entrants to California’s occult underground who had identified Quinn as the devil. He was shot dead with a silver bullet, but brought back to life by his contract with Perkett. (Perhaps surprisingly, he feels intensely guilty over another man dying in his place; he is still providing financial support to the Widow Perkett in San Francisco.)

Jeremiah took several years to build a new position in an area where he was little known and reports of his death could be passed off as rumors. After an abortive trip back East, he settled in the (still quite new) city of Fort Worth, Texas, with the intent of making it a citadel.

Jeremiah Quinn

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